I'm Corey...  but you already knew that from the name above.

I'm primarily an 'offline business' owner, starting (I haven't started a business since 2012), investing in and acquiring home service businesses (like hvac and plumbing) and rapidly growing their sales through digital marketing.

I've also owned some digital businesses, but fundamentally I see much more success, both financially and mentally in the 'offline business' world.

I'm strong believer in momentum. 

I created this blog and Youtube channel to share my digital marketing experiences and insight -- mostly.  Other times I publish on business, or investing or productivity.

One thing you won't hear me talk about is 'mindset' or that rah-rah-rah bullshit. 

I have no course or anything to sell you -- just my affiliate links. 

Here's some of my favorite recent blog posts.

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And from the Youtube channel....

Business aside, I like mountain biking and trail running.  'Home' is Naples Fl, but fortunately I can travel quite a pic.  So here's a pic of myself and bike in Crested Business Colorado.